Plunder Squad

Plunder Squad



The Pequod Review:

Plunder Squad is one of the longer Parker novels, as well as one of the most layered and complex. The actual heist takes awhile to develop β€” several of Parker's planned scores are aborted β€” but this allows Richard Stark to create a more character-driven story for the first half of the book. As a result, we learn a lot about Parker's own history as well as the career criminals who surround him. And, as with all of Stark's book, there are some great lines:

Lou Sternberg met Parker at O'Hare International. He had a disgusted look on his face, but he gave the standard greeting: "Have a good flight?"

β€œYes.” Parker meant nothing by the word; it was simply a sound that ended that topic.

This is another fine entry in the series.