The Doctor Stories

The Doctor Stories



The Pequod Review:

William Carlos Williams (1883-1963) was primarily known for his modernist poetry, but he also wrote several medical-related short stories and poems based on his experiences as a family physician in Passaic, New Jersey. Throughout these pieces, Williams is honest and analytical:

There’s nothing like a difficult patient to show us ourselves. I would learn so much on my rounds, or making home visits. At times I felt like a thief because I heard words, lines, saw people and places — and used it all in my writing. I guess I’ve told people that, and no one’s surprised! There was something deeper going on, though, — the force of all those encounters. I was put off guard again and again, and the result was — well, a descent into myself.

The collection was compiled by Robert Coles, and includes a respectful afterword ("My Father, the Doctor") from Williams's son.