About This Site

THE PEQUOD was founded in 2014 with the goal of providing a comprehensive collection of book reviews. THE PEQUOD’s reviews tend to focus on fiction (especially mystery/crime novels and general literature), as well as select non-fiction genres (mainly economics, finance, sports, music and film). Each review aims to provide a wide range of information on each book, including not just THE PEQUOD’s written review and rating, but publishing details, links to third-party reviews, and sometimes a link to the text of the book itself. 

The primary goal of this site is to praise rather than criticize, so you will find I have much more to say about books I love than those I do not. In addition, all books rated below a 7.0 (which are not recommended) have been noted with an asterisk rather than a specific number, and most of the indexes on the site exclude books that are not recommended. However, the individual author pages include all books, whether recommended or not.

All content on THE PEQUOD is written and edited by Jeffrey Smith. Jeff lives in Arlington Heights, Illinois and can be reached at jeff@the-pequod.com. 


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